Percy’s Nights

Every night at Percy’s has a different feel. Thursdays are about turning a blind eye to Friday, Friday’s are a dancer’s dream while Saturday’s have a House Party feel.

Thursday: Turn a blind eye to Friday

In West London, the weekend begins on Thursday. Fall into Percy’s from 5pm, where a warm welcome awaits in our snug front room. Ease into the evening with great music from our resident DJs, delicious small plates from the kitchen and liberal pours of your favourite cocktails.

Later, as the lights come down, head through the front room and into our hidden bar, where a proper party awaits. With music until the early hours and generous hospitality for late night revellers, Thursday nights at Percy’s are the only place to turn a blind eye to Friday.   

Friday: No fluff, no front; just dancing

With responsibilities temporarily suspended and the promise of a lie-in, Friday is a feeling. Free-flowing drinks, generous hospitality and a line-up of London’s finest selectors playing Disco, House, Funk and Soul until the early hours makes Friday night at Percy’s a dancer’s paradise.

Forget about guest lists, minimum spends and stuffy dress codes; Friday nights are for Casa Caliente’s and irresistible dancing music.

Saturday: Back to ours, where the night is yours 

Wholesome Saturday’s in the park or sleepy ones spent hungover in bed, they all end at the same place; Percy’s. Saturday nights at Percy’s have a house party feel, with all your favourite people in one room.

Percy’s Saturday DJs are loved by dancers from London and beyond, and as always, staying late at Percy’s pays dividends, with our generous hospitality guaranteed to keep you up and dancing until the early hours. Sleep? You can do it on the way home.